Personal Stats

It means that you have a platform where you can connect directly to high-level coaches, trainers, and current/retired professional athletes for guidance and advice.

“It’s amazing that I can connect with Gary Payton and review defensive plays from my game. You better believe that I was all ears, and I gained so much!”

– A3 Member


Training Tools

It means you have a platform where you can own the performance data you create and use it as a tool to sharpen your skills.

“I couldn’t believe that I was able to take the data about my throwing mechanics, have them analyzed by an NFL skills coach, and receive direct advice about the corrections that I needed to make. I didn’t know something like this even existed.”

– A3 Member

Your Dashboard

It means that you have connections to a professional network that is dedicated to your success.

“I was able to interview Brian Jones, a CBS sports analyst for a project that I was doing for my communications class. The insight that he gave me was great. I’m thankful that I have a trusted network of people with whom I can connect to. Oh yeah, I got an A. Hahaha.”

- Will Anderson Jr.

Behavioral Assessment

It means that you have access to resources that assess not only your physical performance but also your mental health and mental performance.

“The behavioral assessment is gold. Through this resource, I was able to define coaching styles, systems, and cultures that work best for me. Then I was able to connect with teams and coaches on the platform to validate the assessment. The results were amazing.”

– A3 Member